Ortugra İnşaat having undersigned various projects in Karatay district since 2012, has been taking firm steps forward along its road to become a reliable construction company with MUSTAFA ORAL the President of the Board of ORYEM YEM MAK SAN TİC AŞ. & UNORMAK DEGIRMEN MAKINALARI TİC AŞ. AND ORTUGRA İNŞAAT and experienced staff, and realizing the projects in many regions especially in Karatay district. It possesses a structure that holds the customer satisfaction at its priority by being in an endeavor to deliver before the committed dates and has perceived this as a principle

It has constituted a range that follows closely the changing and developing standards as a result of our today’s technology and meets the requirements of the society with the motto of solid structures fort he future without comprising on its quality to which it is bound

The satisfaction and appreciation of our customers for Ortuğra İnşaat living in the houses that we have delivered are the source of strength and motivation for our future and ongoing projects

  • Our vision

    To be a local and an international brand name in the construction sector, thanks to the technics, quality and service

  • Our mission

    To be one of the best companies in the construction sector and provide highest revenue to its stakeholders

  • Our understanding

    ORTUĞRA İNŞAAT having realized various projects, will keep undersigning many new ones based on trust and support vested by you


  • 7 years in the sector.

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  • Keykubat Mah. Yarma Sok.
    Karatay, Konya

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